Tortus Copenhagen

Since I am also a potter, it only feels right that my first SkandiHus blog should be about a ceramics workshop in Denmark which I adore:

tortus 1

Tortus say that their work is about the love of making and a passion for materials - and it shows.  The beautiful simplicity has always captivated me.


When you look at their work, there is also no doubt that Tortus pay respect to the century-old tradition of Danish ceramics. On their website, they state that because they are aware of their responsibility to preserve their craft, each product is handmade in Copenhagen, without exception. Simply beautiful and admirable in every way.

eric tortus pots

Even the workshop, which is open to visitors, is so elegantly designed that one immediately feels immersed  in the calmness which exudes from the individuals behind the work, Eric Landon and Karin Blach Nielsen.

portrait_eric tortus

The building stems back from 1734 and was built after the big Copenhagen fire of 1728. True to their style, Tortus have maintained a much of the building's original charm. This also goes for the truss-style wood courtyard house which was built in 1830. In fact, the courtyard is one of Copenhagen's best kept secrets amongst locals (so don't tell anyone) and it is not hard to see why. Most artists can only dream of working in such beautiful surroundings.

tortus courtyard

If you visit Copenhagen, I can truly recommend that you visit Tortus' workshop at Kompagnistræde 23, 1208 Copenhagen K.
However, if you are London based like me, you do not have to miss out on the chance to view/buy their beautiful products as Flow Gallery in the Heart of Notting Hill are exhibiting some of Tortus' work. This gallery is also an amazing hidden gem, by the way - but one to be discussed in another SkandiHus blog post.
Bye for now and welcome to SkandiHus.
Much love.