Drop-In Thursdays | 1pm - 4pm | De Beauvoir Studio, N1


Drop-In Thursdays | 1pm - 4pm | De Beauvoir Studio, N1



We are opening our de Beauvoir studio every Thursday on a "drop-in" basis from 1pm-4pm (which includes 30 minutes cleaning at the end). 

It will be available to anyone who has either done a 12 week course with us already or who has experience from elsewhere. It is intended for anyone wanting to practise their existing skills or continue working on a project started in a class. All tools, glazes, slips etc are provided free of charge and clay is charged at £4 per kg you want fired.

We can't accommodate anyone working on a big commission/wanting to production throw/make full sets of tableware etc because our kiln/studio isn't big enough for this. Please also note that this is not a firing service so you would not be able to bring in, glaze or fire pieces made elsewhere. There's a maximum limit of one hand built plate per person per 12 week period (due to kiln restrictions), however you are welcome to make multiples of other pieces e.g. cups or bowls.

There will not be any teaching but one of our team will be on hand should you have any problems. In order to ensure that you are fully equipped for the session, please download and read our drop-in handbook before you attend.

You can either pre-book a spot or try turning up on the day and pay cash. Please note that we can't guarantee that you will get access to a wheel if you do not prebook as we only have 8 wheels. If you want to hand build/glaze etc, you can either book online or just turn up on the day. Please beware that the sessions have increasingly sold out, so we would recommend booking to avoid disappointment. Please also note that we have a 28 day no cancellation policy prior to the start of any booking, and we also cannot offer discounts for those who wish to attend only part of a session.

Happy potting! 

Lots of love from the SkandiHus Team

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