Thursday Evening Pottery Class | 8 August - 12 September 2019 | 6 Weeks | Intermediate Level | N1 Studio

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Thursday Evening Pottery Class | 8 August - 12 September 2019 | 6 Weeks | Intermediate Level | N1 Studio


6 Week Pottery Class | Thursday Evenings 7-9.30pm | 8 August - 12 September 2019 | All Levels | £180 plus £4 per kg clay you want fired | Teacher: Chris Pavlov |

About the Course

The class caters for those who want to develop their existing skills and gain a little extra practice time in the studio under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Please speak to your teacher in the first class if there are specific skills that you would like to focus on during the course

About the Teacher

Chris Pavlov is a Birmingham-based maker and designer, specialising in minimal, hand thrown functional pieces. His background in design greatly influences his teaching technique, and he approaches his class with a great deal of care and consideration. Chris hopes for his students to make beautiful work, but also to learn a thoughtful and considered approach to ceramics that moves beyond the act of making to consider the wider impact of the craft.

‘Craft is my means of navigating the world, a way of life, a source of meaning. My practice focuses on marrying aesthetically pleasing forms with clearly defined functionality. I used to think that it was the element of solitude that drew me to the process of making with clay but I've come to realise that, in fact, it's the safe space you can create for yourself and other people to have a conversation in’.

Meet our team and learn more about your teacher.


We will provide all materials throughout the course. All of our students use our buff stoneware clay, and have access to a full range of tools, slips, moulds, and use of our SkandiHus glazes, which are mixed in-house and used by Stine for her own work.

See our range of glazes available.

What to Bring

We will send you our student handbook prior to the start of the course, with all the information that you need to know. You are welcome to bring your own apron, or you can purchase a SkandiHus apron here. Please enter code ‘COLLECTMYAPRON’ at checkout if you would like to avoid delivery fees and collect the apron in your first class.

What if I miss a class?

It is not a problem at all to miss a class or two throughout the twelve week period. We ask that all students try their best to attend the first two sessions, as these are difficult to catch up on if missed, but we understand that you may have other commitments throughout the twelve weeks, and your teacher will ensure that you are caught up on everything that you have missed when you return. Please note that we cannot accommodate students making up missed classes at other times, nor can we allow students to swap their classes once the course has started, because our classes always sell out.


This class is taught at our beautiful studio in Hackney, 90 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 4EN.

Please note that we have a 28 day no refund policy and missed classes can not be made up in different classes so please make sure that you are able to attend all classes before booking. Thank you. 

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