SkandiHus was founded by the Danish ceramicist, Stine Dulong, who works and lives in London.

The SkandiHus brand is inspired by a love for Scandinavian design in which beauty is radiated through light colours, the ample use of natural materials, minimalism and functionality.

Stine mostly hand builds her pieces and like many Scandinavian designers before her, she believes that quality design should be affordable, stylish and relevant to the modern human being by providing minimal distraction and maximum functionality and beauty.

When Stine is not busy making her own designs, she works as a mentor and at Turning Earth Ceramics studios in East London and she is about to embark on a part time Diploma in ceramic design at CityLit. 


Before falling in love with the world of clay, Stine worked in the city as a lawyer but she decided to follow her dream of becoming a full time ceramic artist.

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Video by Ben Grubb 


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