stine dulong

Founder and Designer

Stine is the founder, designer, brains, and creative mind of SkandiHus. If you walked into our studio on any given day, Stine could be found doing pretty much anything, from designing new work, to making pieces for a commission, to doing our accounts, putting up shelves, or chatting with her team. She is involved in every aspect of the business, and works closely with her team to ensure that the integrity and identity of SkandiHus is maintained in all that we do.


Ania brzeski

Studio Manager

Ania is the Studio Manager at SkandiHus, and keeps an eye on the daily running of the SkandiHus studios. She is most likely the person responding to your emails, sending you your class welcome pack, and chatting to you on our studio phone, most of which she does whilst hanging out in our studio hanging chair.

Ania is a designer and maker based in East London, whose love of ceramics comes from a need to create, but to not needlessly produce more objects just for their aesthetic value. The priority for Ania in her own work is for function to inform style, and her pots are most importantly created to be used. Ania hopes that she helps to encourage others to adopt this philosophy in their everyday life, and that by introducing more people to the world of ceramics, it will encourage a deeper appreciation for handmade objects and a more thoughtful approach to buying.


linda barck


Linda Barck been working with Stine at SkandiHus for four years, and teaches our Monday and Tuesday evening classes at the de Beauvoir studio, and our Thursday morning class at Hackney Downs. She is a master maker and a skilled and attentive teacher. Linda is also the longest running member of the SkandiHus team asides from Stine, and we couldn’t imagine the studio without her!

Linda is a Swedish ceramic artist based in London. She obtained an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art (2006-08) and a First Class Honors, BA(hons) from Camberwell College of Art (2002-05). Linda's own ceramic work lies more in the sculptural sphere than the functional one, but she is a dab hand at teaching both. Before moving to London, Linda was an apprentice to the Icelandic potter, Helgi Björgvinson, in Gothenburg.


chris pavlov

Studio Assistant and Teacher

Chris Pavlov is a studio assistant at SkandiHus, and also teaches the Wednesday evening class at Hackney Downs and the Thursday evening class at de Beauvoir. Chris specialises in wheel throwing, glaze technology, and asking the kinds of questions that leave you pondering your own existence.

Chris is a Birmingham-based maker and designer, and his background in design greatly influences his teaching technique. Chris approaches every class with a great deal of care and consideration, and hopes for his students to make beautiful work, but also to learn a thoughtful and considered approach to ceramics that moves beyond the act of making to consider the wider impact of the craft.

‘Craft is my means of navigating the world, a way of life, a source of meaning. My practice focuses on marrying aesthetically pleasing forms with clearly defined functionality. I used to think that it was the element of solitude that drew me to the process of making with clay but I've come to realise that, in fact, it's the safe space you can create for yourself and other people to have a conversation in’.




Karina Smagulova is our in-house glaze mixer, plate maker, and resident ray of sunshine; two hours in her company and you will leave feeling calmer and lighter than you have in a long time. She also teaches the Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon classes at our de Beauvoir studio.

Karina was born in Greece to Russian parents. After studying Architecture, she moved to London where she discovered her love of ceramics, and now works with clay full time. She works from her communal studio in East London, where she makes and sells under the name of Leu Ceramics. Although her work is inspired by minimalist aesthetics, Karina's students work in a wide variety of styles, and she encourages them first and foremost to be unique.

A former student said: “Our teacher, Karina, has been the most wonderful and patient with her students. The 12 week course covers a lot of the knowledge and skills (both hand building and throwing on a potter’s wheel) you would need to work independently in a communal studio. Through practice with the right guidance from our teacher, you can really see a lot of improvement in a few months”.


Justin Page

Studio Assistant and Teacher

Justin Page is a studio assistant and production thrower at SkandiHus, and now teaches the Monday and Tuesday evening courses at Hackney Downs. He is excited about the prospect of helping others experience the excitement that creating with clay can bring.

Justin studied Fine Art Printmaking in South Africa, but the clay bug took hold of him after he completed a B-Tech in Ceramic Design at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth. Justin moved to London around the millennium but became side-tracked by a career in the wine industry. Over the last two years, he has re-discovered his love of clay and has become fully committed to being a potter again. He now produces his own work in his Peckham studio and is a member of the makers collective ‘Clay Habitat’.

Justin’s work is mostly wheel thrown functional ware, with the addition of slab-built elements. He is influenced by the urban and industrial landscape which can be seen in the forms, colours and textures of his work.


Deej Amin

JUNIOR Studio Assistant, Mentor and Teacher

Deej Amin is a Junior Studio Assistant and teacher at SkandiHus. She teaches the Friday evening class at de Beauvoir, and the Saturday morning class at Hackney Downs. Deej’s classes are always light, bright, and full of creativity!

Deej is a London-based maker, originally from Manchester. Having been told at school the clay and kiln were only for "serious artists", she had her first making experience while living and working in Japan. She was instantly drawn to the relaxed, therapeutic nature of working with clay, and has been making regularly since completing her master's degree in Japanese Studies. She enjoys experimenting with new forms and colours, and has been particularly inspired by the seascapes seen in her holidays around Japan and New Zealand. She encourages her students to learn by experimenting, instead of overthinking their designs.


Kelly Moutou


Kelly teaches the Thursday evening class at Hackney Downs, and loves passing on her skills to budding makers. She finds a real joy in seeing students bring their first ever pieces to life, and working in ceramics is her way of spreading that happiness.

Kelly is a ceramicist based in North London. She has always loved making, but had never found 'the one' craft that resonated. After making with clay for the first time, Kelly knew that she'd found it. Kelly’s love of ceramics is born out of a desire to make the 'everyday' something beautiful, making pieces that make daily routines a bit more special. Imperfection is something that Kelly embraces, in both her own work and that of her students. She loves simplicity and timelessness within designs and tries to encompass those ideals.




Annie is our Junior Studio Assistant and drop-in session mentor. When she’s not loading kilns, packaging work, or helping with the never-ending task of maintaining our busy studio, she can be found upstairs at our Hackney Downs, building giant coil pots and chatting with our drop-in members.

Annie is an artist and maker from East London, with experience in mixed media fine art, sculpture, and she now specialises in ceramics which she is looking to combine with her fine art skills. Her work is expressive in style and tends to focus on the female form.




Bella is a Junior Studio Assistant at SkandiHus, and loves getting messy, especially when working her way through our giant pile of reclaimed clay. She is a key part of the team in keeping the show running, and does everything from loading kilns to building studio furniture.

Bella studied Product Design at UCA Farnham, before transferring to the Ceramics department where she felt much more at home. She specialises in large scale, abstract extruded sculptures, with the purpose of challenging people’s perceptions of traditional seating. She also enjoys making aesthetically pleasing functional tableware, and hanging out with our studio dog Alfie.