The Power of the Story Cont...

The next ceramic artist whom I want to invite into my “hus” (as you know, that’s “house” in Danish) because their story made an impression on me, is the young talented artist Katie Spragg. bottles

Katie graduated from BA (Hons) Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics at Brighton University in 2010. I met Katie when attending a course in print making techniques at Camden Arts Centre where she was sharing her knowledge – and her stories of the curiouskatie 2 and the bizarre.

Inspired by stories in the Metro newspaper, Katie produced a series of plates, which depicted the tales of the bizarre behaviour of urban wildlife.

animals 2

For example, and one of my favourites, there was the story of the fox, which was found on the 72nd floor of the UK’s highest skyscraper and apparently was surviving off scraps of food left by construction workers.

fox 3foxfox 2

Or the drunk Swedish (how typical...) moose stuck up a tree that had to be cut free after snaffling too many apples...


Katie has transferred her drawings onto digital transfers which she then adds to the plates. I personally enjoy the expressive and humorous nature of her drawing style which really goes well with these bizarre urban animal stories.

Katie, SkandiHus salutes you!